WELCOME to LACT a non-Connected Political Action Committee
We are Lebanese-Americans. The Lebanese American Coalition of Texas represent a good segment of the Lebanese-American community in the United States. We gather as a prominent and eclectic community - proud of its heritage, clear in its values, and deep with its roots.

We seek a new political vision. Together, we pursue a shared, common political vision for all Lebanese-Americans. We organize behind and work actively with local, state wide, and national lawmakers in pursuing political vision. We reach the entire political spectrum and work with local, national, and international media, non-profit organizations, and lobbying groups. We seek to bring ever closer two great cultures that, although separated by oceans, share and nurture each of our most cherished values and fundamental beliefs.

We seek a better Lebanon.  As two sides of the same coin, not only do we represent a large segement of the Lebanese-American community in the United States, we also seek a better Lebanon. Often, when we are asked who we are, we allude to a Kennedy half dollar - one side emblazoned with the image of and tribute to the 35th President, the other side illuminating the bald eagle and Seal of the President of the United States - yet each of these sides forged together as one.
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Lebanese American Coalition of Texas

This page was last updated: May 24, 2014